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Finding the right professional exterior siding products and a team of experienced experts with decades of experience can be challenging. At Boone County Lumber, we have decades of experience providing well-crafted exterior siding solutions from the nation’s top brands.

About the Product

Add extensive value to your project with visually stunning, high-quality siding options by Boone County Lumber.

We work with the top brands in the industry, such as James Hardie and Louisiana Pacific Smartside. We are proud to provide you with expertly designed products at a competitive price. In addition, many of our exterior siding products feature excellent warranty and maintenance options, alongside a high-quality product you can count on for both beauty and longevity.

Product Benefits

  • Without the need to update paint, exterior siding requires far less maintenance on your home’s exterior.
  • Installing and replacing siding is often less expensive than other common exterior materials such as brick or wood.
  • Siding can hold up to heat, rain, cold, and impact better than most other building materials.
  • Premium exterior siding repels water, keeping mold out of your home’s framework.
  • Most siding is interlocking, which makes installation easier. Professional contractors can easily design a layout perfect for your installation project.

Choose From Premium Brands

At Boone County Lumber, we provide premium options that can fit your needs. However, choosing the right product for your project can be challenging.
  • Fiber cement siding
  • Crafted from cement to create a strong and sturdy material
  • The product material is fire-resistant, unlike traditional wood siding
  • Enhanced below-freezing performance to keep your home warm
  • Its weather-resistant
  • You receive an excellent 30-year warranty
  • The product is supplied in 12ft length pieces
  • Paint substrate siding
  • While other finishes are available in a limited availability, the Diamond Kote prefinished LP Smart Siding is the superior choice offered
  • Diamond Kote paints and prefinishes the Louisiana Pacific Smart Siding product and is the best choice for prefinished siding
  • Crafted from a wafer board to create a light, elegant finish on the front but chemically treated on the back to prevent bugs
  • Product material is environmentally-friendly
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • A large variety of colors and textures are available
  • You receive a great 25-year warranty
  • LP supplies this product in as large as 16ft length pieces
  • Learn More at https://diamondkotesiding.com/
  • Inquire about our polymer blend products today!
  • Inquire about our growing options of wood products today!


  • Moisture resistant Extira exterior panels twice as strong as MDF
  • Termite resistant
  • Rot resistant
  • 10 year limited warranty


  • Durable horizon vinyl siding
  • Steel siding with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Green and recyclable products
  • Low-maintenance

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