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What We Do

As industry leaders in innovative materials and quality customer service, Boone County Lumber provides for the residential, commercial and remodeling needs of mid-Missouri and beyond. Our company is nationally recognized for offering the newest products on the market at a competitive price point so that you have access to the quality materials your next project deserves. We are a retail building material dealer in the Columbia, MO area and have over 50 years in wholesale of building materials.

About Our Offerings

The products offered by Boone County Lumber have been sourced both locally and regionally in order to provide you with the best selection of high-quality materials. From lumber, exterior siding and trim, decking, pavers, deck and porch railing to power tools and durable work belts for your team, Boone County Lumber has everything you need to complete your project.

A Service-Oriented Business Model

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Boone County Lumber has gained the trust and respect of its customers with its service-first business model. From purchasing assistance to delivery at your doorstep, our company aims for excellence in customer service every step of the way. Boone County Lumber proudly treats customer service as the sole product it offers, treating every customer interaction with honesty and respect.

Our Vision

Our company is family-owned and family-centric, focused on the well-being of our employees and treating each one as a vital partner to the work we do. The emphasis Boone County Lumber places on the service aspect of business reflects our commitment to building strong relationships within our company and our community. We value the relationships built with our customer base, and whether you are a one-time or a regular customer with us, you will receive a high level of attentive service from our company.

Boone County Lumber proudly supplies tools and materials to the residential, commercial and remodeling needs of mid-Missouri and beyond. Learn more about the products we offer and the manufacturers that construct them.

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